Andrew Guy, Fraser Site

Hailing from rural Metchosin on Vancouver Island, Andrew has soared through life at a pace far exceeding the slow drift of island life. Starting as a volunteer coastguard in the rough Pacific was his first introduction to lights and sirens but this quickly progressed to paramedicine with St. John Ambulance – running first-aid at community events. With land and sea covered, all he needs is air rescue experience to reach his goal of being the direct line when anyone calls 9-1-1. So far BC Ambulance has not responded to his inquiries. Medical school at UBC was just a thin screen door in the way of a career in Emergency Medicine, a natural extension of his experience so far. Andrew is truly one of the EM program superstars – with academic interests ranging from ECMO to Ultrasound, time will tell where his career will take him. Though every program in Canada wanted him for their program, he chose RCH for being a playground for hands-on opportunity in any domain you want.

Work aside, Andrew picked EM to allow his outdoor interests to continue to be a big part of his life. If ski exploration was possible all year round we likely wouldn’t see him wearing anything but his snazzy one-piece snowsuit. Hiking & camping occupy another chunk of time which fits in well with the UBC group as a whole. It seems like fate that he matched with great friend and CRACKCast colleague Riley who was with him all along the CaRMS tour! Join us!