Ben Huang, Vancouver Site

Born and raised in BC, Ben is a McMaster Health Sci alumnus who returned to Vancouver for medical school, during which he developed a burgeoning side hustle in hobbyist music production and videography for his under-subscribed channel Affectionately nicknamed ‘Gourmand’ early in his R1 year, Ben is known amongst the resident community for his insights into local eateries and relentless pursuit of free food in ER staff lounges. As a gregarious “ENFP” on the Myers-Brigg and a creatively charged “4” on the Enneagram, Ben loves to spend time with his co-residents, especially in the form of ski trips and board/card games nights. This year he is completing a Fellowship in Global Journalism with the Dalla Lana School of Public Health in Toronto and hopes to eventually pursue opportunities in medical journalism and videojournalism.