Colby Renschler, Vancouver Site

Our Uber (Overall) Chief was born and raised in Alberta, but has slowly migrated west to Vancouver with stops in the Okanagan for undergrad and Surrey where he found his wife. A man who wears many hats (seriously, he has one for every sports team he likes), you never quite know whether Colby will be in the ED, in the back of an ambulance as part of his prehospital fellowship, sending endless residency emails or helping manage our regional airway registry. The safest bet is that he’s at home juggling all of that while also corralling the 2 kids he’s had in residency. Despite the laundry-list of roles and truly endless laundry responsibilities, he’s known by his coresidents as “party-daddy,” by his family as “party-doctor,” and is always ready to convince half the program to go to the same conference together to explore the local dancefloors.