Kiran Rikhraj, Vancouver Site

Our transplant from tropical Singapore, this cold-averse chicka was once torn between wanting to catch babies, fix bones and figure out the cause of someone’s hyponatremia before discovering that Emergency Medicine would allow her to do all those things at once. She has been described as an energizer bunny but only during the daylight hours – come 10pm, she’s the first to hit the sack. A foodie at heart, her mission in life is to bake the best crispy yet chewy giant chocolate chip cookie you have ever eaten. It’s hard to roast Kiran because she only ever has nice things to say about other people (fun game: try counting how many compliments she pays you in one conversation, my guess is 4+). Maybe you should try complimenting her back – you wouldn’t want to cross a girl who dips to the gym every lunch break.