Larissa Hattin, Vancouver Island Site

Larissa was born and raised in the wilderness of Bancroft, Ontario. Growing up on a lake she spent almost all of her time swimming, jet skiing and ripping clappers from the point during (what were otherwise) friendly games of pond hockey. If you have any further questions about her childhood, please refer to LetterKenny Season 1.

Larissa completed her undergrad at the University of Guelph in Biomedical Sciences. One day while working in the lab studying viral virulence, she thought “stomp the brakes, there has to be more to life than cell culture!” Without missing a beat, she wrote the CASPer (a testament to her typing speed) and headed to Hamilton to start medical school at McMaster. Moving to The Hammer was a huge change for this country girl. Her Canadian accent was strong and at first she worried she would not fit in but she had seen My Fair Lady and knew all you had to do was practice saying “The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain.”

One day while working in the ED she overheard her staff say “how are ya now, eh?” and Larissa knew the Emergency Medicine was the specialty for her. Deciding it was time to leave Ontario and see a bit more of the Canada she loved so much, Larissa headed west to join the wonderful UBC Emergency Medicine family. These days, Larry can often be found looking for traumas in the Victoria ED, biking, swimming and watching Lion King whenever she gets a chance.

Secret talent: Plays a mean harmonica