Riley Golby, Fraser Site

Riley’s real goal in life was not to be a great doctor, but to make the world’s best cup of coffee. While he has achieved neither goal, he moves closer and closer to one each and every day. He’s trying hard at the medicine too. Growing up in exotic Tsawwassen, BC, Riley cut lawns to fund his big move across the world to live 30 minutes away on UBC campus. He would remain there seemingly indefinitely for undergrad, medical school, and residency until his thoughtful wife inquired whether there were places to live beyond the UBC campus dormitories. They have since moved into a hotel as the next big step and have (somehow) enjoyed a date night on a weekly basis since they’ve been together. He is a true renaissance man – somehow balancing being a Sommelier of nachos, Nintendo Switch adorer, and wannabe skier, with building intricate woodwork for all of his furniture, trekking for weeks across the Himalayas and an expanding international list, and refining biomedical equipment for patients with ALS.

He is one of the most dedicated people you’ll ever meet and gives his best for the program, the residents, his patients, and his marriage. Riley chose RCH for the staff mentorship, small but motivated residency group, and the endless opportunities for helping sick patients. His academic interests include pursuit of a clin-epi research masters, quality improvement, and combining these two for ED knowledge-translation. He has acquired many nick-names as is tradition for Fraser residents, so his actual name is rarely actually said overhead in the ED in case you are looking for him.