Dr. Brian Chung Award for Outstanding Contribution to Residency Education

The Dr. Brian Chung Award for Outstanding Contribution to Residency Education recognizes one UBC DEM faculty member who has made an outstanding contribution to RCPSC emergency medicine resident education beyond clinical teaching. The recipient will be named and awarded at the full program graduation in the spring of each year.

Residents and faculty may nominate a UBC DEM faculty member for the award.

Nominations are now closed! Nominations for the 2024 award will open in the spring.

Nomination Criteria

  1. Nominees should have contributed significant time and effort to UBC RCPSC-EM resident learning and wellness.
  2. Nominees have developed and/or implemented an educational initiative or program for the residents.
  3. Nominees should reflect a significant number of the traits and characteristics listed below

Ideal traits and characteristics of the award recipient:

  • Mentor and/or role model
  • Humble and shows humility
  • Kind, caring and compassionate
  • Gentle leadership and shows respect for trainees
  • Generous and/or selfless
  • Dedicated and enthusiastic
  • Advocates for and is safe and protective of trainees
  • Supportive and committed to resident wellness
  • Approachable, welcoming, and accessible to all
  • Contributed several years of service
  • Goes above and beyond
  • Creates a community
  • Principled, shows integrity and dignity
  • Seeks feedback to improve
  • Listens and is interested in each resident’s life outside of emergency medicine