Meet our Residents

1st Year Residents

  • Adam Arthurs, Vancouver Site
    Did he drive from Northern Ontario, or did he actually trail run to Vancouver? We will never know. What we do know is Adam grew […]
  • Alex Senger, Interior Site
    Alex grew up on a grain farm in rural Saskatchewan, which means his first exposure to emergency medicine was as a patient. Somehow, seeking treatment […]
  • Brendan Lee, Vancouver Site
    Brendan is the only flat-lander to make his way to the VGH crew all the way from Saskatchewan. As a born and bred prairie boy, […]
  • Christina Botros, Vancouver Site
    Christina hails from the far-away town of Langley, BC. She grew up as a classically trained competitive dancer, but now can commonly be found tearing […]
  • Daria Hutchinson, Interior Site
    Born and raised in the small coastal town of Tsawwassen, BC, Daria always knew she wanted to broaden her horizons and see the wide world […]
  • Dylan Collins, Vancouver Site
    A retired competitive Alpaca handler, Dylan brings many valuable skills to the Emergency Department. After he left the Petri dishes of UVic’s biochemistry labs behind, […]
  • Frances Clayton, Interior Site
    A love child hailing from Montreal, Frances spent her early years growing up across Northern England and Chicago before her parents came to their senses […]
  • Hilary Drake, Vancouver Island Site
    Hilary grew up on the North Shore but has since steeped in many different towns including Sackville NB where she completed her undergraduate degree at […]
  • Jen-ai Lai, Fraser Site
    Jen-Ai has been enjoying beautiful BC for the last 9 years, ever since a fateful phone call from UBC altered her life path. Offered a […]
  • Kiran Grant, Vancouver Site
    Kiran grew up in Calgary playing any and all sports at a largely mediocre level. After an undergrad in his hometown and stints working in […]
  • Morgan Haines, Vancouver Site
    Found beside a hiking trail in North Vancouver, baby Morgan lived a simple life until he was “discovered” by a talent agent in a coffee […]
  • Paul Clerc, Fraser Site
    Born at Royal Columbian, raised in Coquitlam, legend has it Paul was destined for the Fraser Emergency Medicine program from the very beginning. Cast overseas […]
  • Rod Vafaei, Vancouver Island Site
    Rod Vafaei grew up on B.C.’s beautiful North Shore and acquired numerous nicknames from his rugby days including Hot Rod, the Persian Rifle, and… less […]

2nd Year Residents

  • Aidan McParland, Vancouver Site
    This Brockville (aka Brock Vegas) import brought a whole new level of stoke to the VGH ED. Joining us from Toronto, this committed carnivore is […]
  • Andrew Chang, Vancouver Site
    Andrew hails from “far away” Coquitlam, BC, where he grew up with the dream of moving to the big city. From SFU for undergrad, he […]
  • Chris Doyle-Kelly, Fraser Site
    Chris grew up in Montreal, Irish-blooded and English-speaking. He later drifted to southwestern Ontario for an undergrad in Kinesiology at Western, an experience which, to […]
  • Claire Ronsley, Vancouver Site
    Though Claire would tell you she chose Emerg late in the game, with her numerous visits to the ER, we knew it was never in […]
  • Devon Mitchell, Vancouver Site
    Born and raised in the cosmopolitan metropolis of Langley, BC, Devon is our program’s UBC lifer, spending undergrad, med school and now residency in beautiful […]
  • Emily Lostchuck, Fraser Site
    Hailing from the end of a loooong dirt road in rural Ontario, Emily spent her youth galloping through open meadows on horseback and sailing off […]
  • Kevin Duncan, Interior Site
    Kevin grew up in Summerland with a farm full of chickens to call friends! He then moved to the big city of Kelowna, and then […]
  • Lulu Yang, Vancouver Island Site
    Hailing from Vancouver (where she did both her undergrad and medical school), Lulu has decided to ditch the traffic and noise of the big city […]
  • Max Moor-Smith, Vancouver Island Site
    This young buck was born & raised in Richmond, BC. He finally found his footing at the age of 17 and wandered over to Vancouver […]
  • Meg Singh, Vancouver Site
    Meg, if that’s even her real name, lived in 5 countries before she started university at McGill for undergrad. Now that she’s lived in both […]
  • Ryan Kohler, Interior Site
    Like any good emerg doc, Ryan was constantly on the move since day one. Originally hailing from Ontario, he lived in Singapore and Australia for […]
  • Seb Przech, Fraser Site
    Somehow not ashamed to admit that he came from Onterrible, or that he cheers for the Leafs, Seb grew up in Etobicoke, where he spent […]
  • Tom Watson, Vancouver Site
    As our resident Winnipeger, Tom is quick to defend his hometown, but oddly enough he’s spent most of his life running away from there. From […]

3rd Year Residents

  • Ateshia York, Fraser Site
    Ateshia likes exploring and taking the scenic route and she held true to that in her journey to becoming an EM resident. Born and raised […]
  • Brandon Evtushevski, Vancouver Island Site
    Brandon Evtushevski, aka Chevy, hails from the small town of Lich, Germany, which also happens to be the birthplace of his favourite wobbly pop. Years […]
  • Colin Sedgwick, Vancouver Island Site
    Colin Sedgwick is a born and bred BC boy. Just prior to being born in Vancouver, his mother obtained an ultrasound that showed him reading […]
  • Hélène Morakis, Vancouver Site
    Growing up in the prairies, Helene dreamt of finding mountains and coasts. She first sought out the shores of Lake Ontario for medical school – […]
  • Jamieson Ward, Vancouver Island Site
    Master Corporal Jamieson Ward, is not your average EM resident. First of all, he’s a father of two beautiful girls, he once lived on the […]
  • Kate Eppler, Fraser Site
    Kate grew up in Kelowna, spending her days playing in the mountains and water. At a young age, she fell in love with cross-country skiing, […]
  • Kelly Huang, Vancouver Site
    When Kelly isn’t fussing over us like a mother hen, she’s collecting blackmail material on us all with her daily videos as an up-and-coming movie […]
  • Kia Dullemond, Vancouver Site
    The trendiest of the R2 crew, Kia always has his finger on the pulse of all things cool in this city. You can find this […]
  • Kiran Rikhraj, Vancouver Site
    Our transplant from tropical Singapore, this cold-averse chicka was once torn between wanting to catch babies, fix bones and figure out the cause of someone’s […]
  • Qadeem Salehmohammed, Interior Site
    Qadeem is the resident you’ve all been waiting for. Qadeem grew up in Surrey BC as a huge nerd. He learned about hard work by […]
  • Stephen Watson, Interior Site
    EM resident, grilled meat enthusiast, stay-at-home son. I emigrated from South Africa to the balmy shores of the North Saskatchewan River where I spent my […]
  • Xin Mei Liu, Vancouver Site
    The resident with the most Air Miles under her belt proves that residency ain’t no match for her. Catch this badass zooming (tumbling) down the […]

4th Year Residents

  • Brad Stebner, Interior Site
    Coming all the way from beautiful Fort McMurray, Alberta, this former oil sands worker can now be seen in the Kelowna General Hospital ED trauma […]
  • Brandon Chau, Vancouver Site
    This UBC real estate mogul has endless tricks up his sleeve. Born and raised in Vancouver, after an extended Spring Break at Western he skedaddled […]
  • Brendan Arnold, Fraser Site
    Brendan was born in rainy Vancouver, BC, and after a brief stint in New Zealand grew up in Campbell River on Vancouver Island. He grew […]
  • Holly Sherman, Vancouver Site
    Who needs a switchboard when Holly’s in town?  This born and raised Vancouverite turned field hockey star has got everyone in the city on speed-dial.  […]
  • Katie Maguire, Vancouver Site
    Katie was born and raised in Winnipeg. She made the most of her winters making snow angels, crafting homemade greetings cards and driving countless hours […]
  • Kira Gossack-Keenan, Vancouver Site
    Our own ray of sunshine, she has been voted best hair six months in a row and counting. This Irish lass claims she’s from a […]
  • Matt Douglas-Vail, Vancouver Site
    Never one to turn down a challenge, Matt is the resident badass. This consummate traveler will make you think he’s an Instagram influencer by day, […]
  • Michelle Chuang, Fraser Site
    Michelle was born and raised in Vancouver, where she spent much of her youth playing the piano and countless video games. After briefly entertaining the […]
  • Sam Brophy, Vancouver Island Site
    Drafted first round into the Vancouver Island Spikeball League, Sam is another born and bred Island boy, if you couldn’t tell from his luscious facial […]
  • Sean Nugent, Interior Site
    Hailing from the thriving metropolis of Duncan BC, Sean grew up on the island playing high levels of both lacrosse and hockey. After his days […]
  • Sean Patrick, Vancouver Island Site
    Seany P is the more muscular, and some might say shorter, half of the Sham-Wow pair. Standing a full 5ft 7inches tall, what he lacks […]
  • Shari Li, Vancouver Site
    Shari came to Vancouver after completing Le Toure d’Ontario (French accent required). Heralding from Ottawa, she spent her undergrad in Toronto and completed medical school […]

5th Year Residents

  • Andrew Guy, Fraser Site
    Hailing from rural Metchosin on Vancouver Island, Andrew has soared through life at a pace far exceeding the slow drift of island life. Starting as […]
  • Ben Huang, Vancouver Site
    Born and raised in BC, Ben is a McMaster Health Sci alumnus who returned to Vancouver for medical school, during which he developed a burgeoning […]
  • Britt Bailey, Interior Site
    Born and raised in Thunder Bay (“TBay”), Britt developed a love for camping and large bodies of water (Lake Superior is her favorite, but Lake […]
  • Chantal McFetridge, Vancouver Site
    Originally from Kelowna, Chantal is best known as the R4 most likely to win against every other R4 in a 1 vs. 11 fight. After […]
  • Colby Renschler, Vancouver Site
    Our Uber (Overall) Chief was born and raised in Alberta, but has slowly migrated west to Vancouver with stops in the Okanagan for undergrad and […]
  • Jocelyn Andruko, Vancouver Site
    Always-effervescent Jocelyn hails from the icy depths of Alberta. With a dream to escape the prairies, she studied at McGill but, In the end, did […]
  • Kerry Spearing, Interior Site
    Kerry was born in Northern Ireland, where she lived until emigrating to Victoria, BC, at the age of 4. During her youth she developed a […]
  • Larissa Hattin, Vancouver Island Site
    Larissa was born and raised in the wilderness of Bancroft, Ontario. Growing up on a lake she spent almost all of her time swimming, jet […]
  • Louise Cassidy, Vancouver Site
    Our ray of sunshine all the way from Hamilton, Ontario, this former competitive trampolinist left home for undergrad in Halifax before returning to The Hammer  […]
  • Nathan Stafani, Vancouver Island Site
    Nathan is the program’s first True Islander, having grown up in Nanaimo, BC: a stone’s throw from Victoria. Growing up in the sleepy town of […]
  • Raymond Tabeshi, Vancouver Site
    An international man of mystery, little is known about this researcher-turned-resident in the EM world. Rumoured to originate in the BBQ sauce business, Sweet Baby […]
  • Riley Golby, Fraser Site
    Riley’s real goal in life was not to be a great doctor, but to make the world’s best cup of coffee. While he has achieved […]