Breezy (Brianna-Lee) Beaudry, Vancouver Island Site

Breezy joins us from the NOSM Thunder Bay campus where she completed her medical school training. Her passion for the great outdoors is only matched by her excellent taste in EDM music. As a budding star in the realm of wilderness medicine, she spends her extracurricular time engaging in what she refers to as “hands-on research” with activities like hiking, backcountry camping and biking. But when she’s not exploring what BC has to offer in its expansive backyard, Breezy pursues her interests in safe and equitable access to emergency services as well as SIM.

In the next five years you can catch up with Breezy pursuing a diploma in mountain medicine while she also dips her toes into the world of mountaineering. If all goes well, she plans to attempt the tallest peak North America has to offer: Denali.

When asked what animal she related to the most and why, Breezy replied, “Wolves [because they are] devoted to family, playful and one of the few species that care for their injured.” With an answer like that, we were more than happy to invite her to join our pack.