Devon Mitchell, Vancouver Site

Born and raised in the cosmopolitan metropolis of Langley, BC, Devon is our program’s UBC lifer, spending undergrad, med school and now residency in beautiful Vancouver. His two passions in life are prosecco and policy, and we’ve already started our five-year plan to convince Parliament to move out West so we can keep him. While his slap shots are softer than ice cream and the only buckets he gets come with champagne, don’t let this fool you. He’s currently the world record holder for most selfies in a single car ride, and living up to his surfing namesake as the fastest R1 to stand up on a surfboard (no pics though, so maybe it didn’t happen). He’s the life of the party, and his favourite party is Pride. Devon’s always looking for ways to include you in the group, just make sure you’re up to speed with TSwift’s latest album!