Max Moor-Smith, Vancouver Island Site

This young buck was born & raised in Richmond, BC. He finally found his footing at the age of 17 and wandered over to Vancouver Island, never to leave again. He completed a BSc in Kinesiology at the University of Victoria, followed by his MD through UBC. A thrill seeking free spirit that skydives & bungee jumps for fun, Max found his passion in EM after listening to too much EM:RAP and incessantly telling people “What you do matters”. He is a published author on mushrooms – yes, mushrooms – having raised awareness about the infamous Amanita phalloides “death cap” (a true emergency medicine tox special…check it out). This eccentric lad never ceases to surprise us with his passions, as evidenced by recently becoming the father of the most adorable duck toller you will ever meet – yes, he is aware his dog is more popular than him, and yes, he’s totally cool with it (it even has its own instagram page).

After work, find Max taking advantage of the great outdoors around the island or training his puppy to run marathons with him. His greatest goal in life? A hole in one (he promised us this before the end of residency). In the meantime, expect to find him keeping the drive alive in the Emergency Department as one of Victoria’s newest EM residents. Welcome Max!