Adam Arthurs, Vancouver Site

Did he drive from Northern Ontario, or did he actually trail run to Vancouver? We will never know. What we do know is Adam grew up in North Bay, ON and finished an undergrad in Bio-medical science at the University of Guelph. Moving back North for medical school at NOSM, Adam’s constant search for endorphins and self-induced pain have had him compete in varsity rowing, and ultimately, the only logical next step: running his first ultramarathon in 2019. Having fallen in love with the mountains and city, Adam is excited to join the UBC emergency medicine family to explore his interests in LGBTQ2IA+ health and addictions medicine. If he isn’t replying to your messages he’s probably out on a run, and if you don’t hear from him in 3-hours you should probably call search and rescue. Otherwise, he’s probably just looking for the next best kombucha or oat milk latte.