Claire Ronsley, Vancouver Site

Though Claire would tell you she chose Emerg late in the game, with her numerous visits to the ER, we knew it was never in doubt. Hailing from the North Shore, you’ll either find her with a rose crown at Shambhala or wearing three layers of Patagucci in Squamish. She has a passion for Addictions, and an addiction to her passions, which include rock climbing, skiing, and most of all, breaking bones. Claire does seem to be a bit confused about backcountry skiing though, she thinks it’s just as fun to climb uphill as it is to go down. Just ask her about her life motto: “from the gnar to the bar”…unless it’s after an ED shift, when it’s “from Rosen’s to dozing”. But don’t let her laidback attitude fool you, Claire is serious about making a difference in populations that are marginalized. She’s the chillest member of our group, right up until we’re planning ferry departure times.