Sarah Douglas, Vancouver Island Site

Sarah completed a degree in biomedical engineering at UVIC and when she was starting to get a few too many looks for talking to the robots, she decided to switch into a field with a bit more of a “human touch”. She completed her medical degree at UBC with the IMP program and decided that she liked the island so much, she’d stay here for her residency. When it comes to academic interests, transport/prehospital medicine in rural settings is something that interests Sarah. She is also keen on applying her leadership and communication skills to help bridge the worlds of medicine and engineering.

If you ever catch Sarah outside of the daily grind of medicine, you might notice that she balances her gentle demeaner with some impressive squat numbers. In her spare time, Sarah likes the throw on her favourite pump-up tunes like “Fort Minor, Remember the Name” and hit the gym, go for a run or play soccer. She also likes to take her favourite training partner, her pug Angus, out for some intense walkies.

When we asked Sarah what animal she most related to, she replied, “I relate most to a wolf because I prefer to work in packs, wolf down large meals, can run fast, and like to think I can speak dog.” And if she thinks she snuck that pun in her answer past us, she’d be barking up the wrong tree. We are excited to have Sarah join the Victoria Emergency Medicine Residency crew and can’t wait to see the amazing things she will accomplish!