Paul Clerc, Fraser Site

Born at Royal Columbian, raised in Coquitlam, legend has it Paul was destined for the Fraser Emergency Medicine program from the very beginning. Cast overseas to the east of France, Paul returned to Canada with a first grader’s command of the French language. To be fair, he was six at the time and is now fluent. 

If you’re ever looking for another player for friendly tête-à-tête in soccer, Paul is your man. But don’t let his calm and humble demeanour catch you off guard. This star soccer player’s skills on the pitch landed him a scholarship to UBC, where he completed his undergrad in Kinesiology. In fact, Paul is the only EM resident to have starred on Russian national television while representing Canada at the FISU games.

Paul’s early aspirations of becoming an architect may have been crushed when he realized his drawing skills were not up to par. It was on the slippery, wet decks of UBC aquatic centre that Paul first discovered his passion for Emergency Medicine. Cool under pressure, he thrived amongst the challenges that lifeguarding provided and was drawn to emerg for the same reasons. Once clerkship began, no other rotation could compare.

When he isn’t busy in the ED, he “unwinds” by re-watching Emergency Room: Life + Death at VGH (seriously, he’s watched the series three times). Beyond the scrubs, you can find Paul outdoors playing soccer, running, and swimming. He also loves decompressing at home, travelling, and trying new foods with his lovely wife, Amanda.