Morgan Haines, Vancouver Site

Found beside a hiking trail in North Vancouver, baby Morgan lived a simple life until he was “discovered” by a talent agent in a coffee shop and offered a starring role in the critically acclaimed film, Look Who’s Talking Now, alongside John Travolta and Kirstie Alley. As fate would have it, mama Haines turned down this opportunity depriving Morgan from a successful career as a child star. Growing into his face made for radio, Morgan was an active youth playing soccer, field hockey, and track and field. Later he would return to his roots, studying Environmental Sciences at UBC and earning a Bachelors of Tree Hugging. After a few adventures, including being interviewed on Global News as the Canadian Olympic moose mascot, Komak, during the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Morgan somehow convinced several MMI interviewers to let him into UBC medical school. During medical school, Morgan thrived with a noticeable highlight of fertilizing half of the soil in Nepal on a global health trip after a bad case of gastro (he remains forever grateful for Azithromycin). 

Morgan is thrilled to be joining the UBC Emergency Medicine family and is looking forward to five years (fingers crossed) of incredible learning opportunities and adventures with co-residents!