Seb Przech, Fraser Site

Somehow not ashamed to admit that he came from Onterrible, or that he cheers for the Leafs, Seb grew up in Etobicoke, where he spent the majority of his childhood avoiding getting his drivers license and competing in Olympic-level archery. Seb then spent a couple years as a carpenters apprentice which is where he fell in love with working with his hands, one of the many reasons he would later fall for Emergency Medicine. Deciding to change it up, Seb focused on completing a tour of party schools of Canada, pursuing an undergraduate degree at and a masters in Epidemiology at Western. Finally he topped it off with medical school at McGill, where he learned no French except “ou est la dépanneur”, became a master of ultrasound but more importantly where he met his soon to be co-resident, Chris. Seb is a master at being the centre of attention at any party, by whatever means necessary.

The call of the cheering for his favourite team the Seahawks, along with the promise of perfecting his east-coast skiing skills on real mountains and the Port Moody Breweries brought Seb out to the West to the team at RCH for his residency (or maybe he just copied Chris – we will never know).  When not being driven to work by staff, cooking delicious meals, and travelling the world, Seb is well known for his ability to have a mnemonic for everything, and a podcast recommendation always at the ready.  Hilarious, and sweaty to a fault, without the opportunity to laugh at/with Seb, this R1 trio would be woefully incomplete.