Jessica Jacob, Fraser Site

Jessica was born in South India and spent her early childhood in the UK and the Middle East before finally settling in Maple Ridge, BC. It’s safe to say that the travel bug got to her at a young age. She would find any and every excuse to explore, mostly through the avenue of attending and working on United Nations educational projects. In between all of this, she somehow completed her degree in Health Sciences (Global Health) at McMaster University before coming to her senses and returning to beautiful British Columbia for medical school. She continued working on global and public health research throughout medical school, particularly in addictions medicine and women’s health.

After taking her sweet time exploring various specialties, Jessica came to love emergency medicine for the fast-paced atmosphere, diverse medicine, cool people, and opportunities for global health. She chose RCH because of the tight-knit cohort and welcoming staff! Outside of work, she spends most of her time commuting to work (because she continues to live far away). Otherwise, she likes travelling (if you didn’t know that already), reading, cafe-hopping, being judged for her love of country music, and some good outdoor activity.