Stephen Watson, Interior Site

EM resident, grilled meat enthusiast, stay-at-home son. I emigrated from South Africa to the balmy shores of the North Saskatchewan River where I spent my youth learning the finer points of ice fishing before moving out to Kelowna. Since then I have been a regular fixture at KGH, slinging coffees at the Perking Lot and visiting the ER with various sports-related injuries. After completing my B.Sc. at UBC-O my dreams of becoming a winemaker were dashed when I was accepted into medical school at UBC’s Southern Medical Program. After innumerable late nights playing foosball in the student lounge my hard work and dedication paid off and I was offered the opportunity to be the fantasy football commissioner for the ER staff, as well as Qadeem’s co-resident! Most days you’ll find me hanging around the trauma bays in a scrub top one size too small with a fresh base tan, but outside of the ER I like to get up to the hill to shred some pow, toss the rugby ball around at the beach, and fire up the grill with my trusty wiener dog by my side.